Oh, So Priceless

Have you ever been watching a movie and you know something about the character that he or she doesn’t know about themselves? And you’re just like, “How do they not see it?! How are they not picking up on this?” Sometimes I think we can be this way with God. Maybe we tell ourselves that we aren’t beautiful, or that we aren’t worthy of the love He laid out for us. Other times we feel isolated and alone in the battle. In both of these instances, I think our Father is just sitting on His throne just screaming at us “do you not see the love that I poured over you on the cross?!! The love that I am continually pouring out on you every second?! I’m right here! I’ve always been here and I always will be here! I am all you need. I am everything. I AM.” I don’t know what His voice sounds like for you. It could be a whisper, or maybe it is a shout that you just can’t seem to hear clearly. However the Lord calls out to you, what He is saying will become apparent if you lean in to His Word.

We can be so oblivious, can’t we? We are so quick to forget the deepest love anyone will ever have for us by simply telling ourselves that we are not enough. We can go a whole DAY without thanking Him for the cross. How? We are so caught up in our imperfections and awkward little embarrassments that we forget to look up to the heavens and praise the Name of the Lord on High. But when we do, He says “You’re beautiful.” You are excellent and you are wonderful. You are precious in His eyes. Whatever lies you are telling yourself right now, stop. You are exquisite, marvelous, enthralling, extravagant. You are stronger than you know, and YOU… YOU. ARE. PRICELESS. Your value is not determined by the things of this world. You are His princess, His bride. You are worthy of all the love He pours out over you. Wherever you think you are with God right now, know that there is no expanse, no distance far enough for Him not to sweep you off your feet and into His loving embrace. He is so madly, desperately in love with you. The greatest love story of all time is YOURS. Your Savior, your Messiah, your Almighty, your Rock- He has loved you from the beginning. All your flaws, all your imperfections- He loves those too. He loves all of you. “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”-Song of Solomon 4:7. You are adored by the Most High. You are priceless.

 “You are priceless to me.” -Isaiah 43:4.


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