We live in a broken world. A world with broken promises, broken dreams, and broken standards. It’s considered broken because, well, it is not whole in the image of God. It is missing the glue to piece it back together. Our world is missing Jesus. My heart breaks along with our world because I can see the pain through eyes that God has opened. I can feel the hurt that people are going through, the strive for perfection, the loss of joy without a Savior. My heart feels heavy, and so I turn to God. I ask Him sometimes why our world is so broken, and why there is so much evil. It is so easy to look at the negatives and be terrified of what is to come, maybe even terrified of how God is going to use me. But at the same time, I can hear this still small whisper in the darkness. Yes, it seems like the world is full of dark, but He says all of creation sings my praise, for I have overcome. I have gone before and I have already won. Brothers and sisters, look for the good- look for God. He is there. He is ever-present no matter the situation. Though you may see no hope, or see no end to the brokeness, He is there. As you look at the hurt in the world, have confidence in your Savior, because He’s got it all mapped out. Cling to what is good. “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” -Psalm 61:2. He is so, so good. He brings healing to a broken world, healing for your souls.


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