a good, good Friday.

Good Friday. Why is a day that our Messiah died so good? Our Savior was beaten, mocked, scorned. Death thought it had won the battle. Sin felt as if it were victorious. So why Good Friday when all seemed bad?
Because It. Is. Finished.
Sin was finished.
Death was finished.
The evil one- finished.
Because the veil was torn.
Because the death of our Savior brought the uniting of God and man.
Because that’s not where this Story ends.
There is a Sunday.
There is a third day.
A day when the sun rose again, more brilliant than the last.
A day when we became victors.
When we became more than conquerors in Him.
Because our Father is a GOOD, GOOD Father.
And because, when all seemed bad, it really was a good, Good Friday.


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