soaking up the sun & storms

Hello beautiful friends!! Today I have the honor of introducing my great friend Emma Kate, who is my special guest blogger! I hope you get as much out of her post as I know I did. 😉

i was sitting outside today basking in the sunshine and desperately trying to get some version of a tan. knowing my luck, thick grey storm clouds began to cover up the sun 20 minutes after i got settled. as i was walking inside, i noticed how dry and cracked the ground was. the south is notorious for its HOT summers and there is usually a drought some point in the season but i had never noticed the damage it did to the ground we walk on. it looked dry and cracked and desperate for rain, almost like it knew water was coming soon. the rain did come (a lot actually) and i kid you not, the grass looked greener than ever and the ground was so much healthier than before. while this is great advice for gardening, it was a wonderful visual for my spiritual life as well. our hearts and our lives are like the ground. we need both sunshine and rain to be the best we can be and bear the most fruit. however, there must be a balance. too much rain or “rough times” isn’t good for your heart, neither is too much sunshine or “good times”. don’t get me wrong, times of sunshine and blessings are so so important and i pray that all of y’all have more good days than bad. i and almost all people prefer the sunshine part of life; the part where things are going great. you feel loved by friends and family, blessed by God, and invincible to the troubles and trials of life. the stormy days aren’t fun. after all, who likes feeling like their world is crumbling before them? sometimes, they can be just as beautiful. that sounds so strange but if you are like me, it’s actually in the sunshine-y parts of life you aren’t as reliant on God. your relationship doesn’t grow stronger or deeper with Christ. it becomes hum drum and stagnant. however, when you’re in the storm, you surrender your whole self to Jesus because you have nothing to loose. your faith becomes stronger and your roots can dig deeper. too much of anything can be a problem. with too much sun, our hearts can become dried up and cracked making us ungrateful for the blessings we receive. with too much rain, we can forget that we have a GOOD heavenly father who loves us very much and only wants the best for us.

both stages will come in your life: sunny and stormy times. for both phases of life my advice is this >>>
run at full speed towards Jesus. never stop seeking. never stop digging deeper.
jeremiah 33:3 says “call to me and i will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jesus is there and he is waiting for you to come to him.
psalm 31:19 says ” how abundant is your goodness which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you…” Jesus is good and he wants to give you love and hope for anything you are facing.

as you go throughout the rest of your day, week, month, or year, know that you are loved by the king of all kings in the sunshine and in the rain.

much love, emma kate


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